As Business Coach & Leadership Development Facilitator

“JC’s processes are brilliant but pale in comparison to his tenacity, insight and wisdom. I finally have a new business model.. where I’m working less, making more and having much greater impact and dare I say, FUN!. I give him my highest recommendation.. which he earned. And even though the term of our agreement ran out, he stayed above and beyond the call of duty.. to ensure I was positioned well to move ahead. He’s a true pro!

Marcia Wieder (Founder and CEO at Dream University)

“The greatest compliment to pay a colleague is to say: “I worked with him, and I came out different”. I can honestly say that JC changed how I work and how I engage with people.

He introduced me to the Rockerfeller Habits – a discipline which has profoundly contributed to the success of my business – Pollenizer. More than that, JC brings an emotional intelligence and honesty to his consulting that has inspired how I have worked since.

If you need someone to stand at the epicentre of your business and gently, intelligently shine a light on what’s next to confidently take the next step, I suggest… I urge you.. to have a word with JC. He will unlock what you already know.” Phil Morle (Co-Founder at Pollenizer)

“JC is one of the most passionate and inspiring persons to work with! I had the pleasure to meet and work with him in a couple of different projects. He is incredible, inspiring, free & a fluid thinking individual who undertakes a challenge and totally annihilates any issues that would stop that challenge turning into success.

JC is great to work with! JC has given me the best advice I have ever received from a consultant, professional, Coach or Mentor. From the very first time I met him I realized that he is a first class professional, honest, personable and with a willingness to help.

I would strongly recommend JC to anyone looking for a senior consultant/Coach/Mentor. Thanks JC!” Marco Oriano (Customer Care Manager, NTRglobal)

“I started working with JC when he assumed the role of interim CTO. He is a polifacetic professional, he felt immediately part of the IT team. During this time, he changed the focus of our work, and made a permanent coaching of the team.

JC is clearly oriented to customer service, and our relationship with other areas improved considerably. JC also was sponsoring a reorganization of the department, the result was that we improved the working environment and team results. JC is clear, transparent and pragmatic!” Gerard Edo (Software Development Manager, Privalia)

“JC came into Privalia with a mission to support our global change management processes as part of our internationalization strategy. After several months of working with the global team, when he finally arrived in my area as Interim CTO the necessary changes for us to become more effective became immediately apparent.

What I most enjoyed about working with JC was his open & direct communication, as well as his interest in developing our individual & collective growth on an almost daily basis. JC drove home the message of Customer Centricity and it impacted the way we viewed our work habits, as well as the practices we put into place to ensure both internal & external customer satisfaction.

What I most remember from JC’s limited time with us was his unique ability to empower every single individual, helping us better understand our direct contribution to the company’s global results.” David Viñuales Pallares (QA & Testing Project Leader, Privalia)

Financial Times, September 25th article; “Her change of heart came after discussions with a mentor she had met through a networking club called the Entrepreneurs’ Organisation.. “We needed the team to be made up of “A” players only. We were lucky that we had a great core team of A players but there were players who needed to go.”.. In the month after her new senior director was appointed, sales at Alison Jacques Gallery were up 50 per cent.”

“We have come a long way within the last 12 months since sitting down & doing our first “Strategy in a Day” with you and you must realize you have given us an enormous legacy, and have guided us all through some big challenges to get to where we are today, and the current journey we are on.

Having just completed our first Strategy Session on our own, I want to thank you personally for the amount of time & effort you put into helping me and challenging me to think outside the box and to ensure everyone fully understood what my requirements are to take the warehouse forward and you gave me lots of additional tips.

You wanted us to ‘knock Chele’s socks off’ and to be honest I think he was totally blown away at the standard of all the presentations and it showed through how much time & effort had gone into the preparation work of all the presentations. But you know it seemed really odd you not being with us on Wednesday, but I’m sure if you had of been, you really would have been proud of us all, so a big pat on the back for you JC.” >> Debra Hutchings – Manchester, UK (Director @ Quayside Clothing Ltd)

“We found working with JC helped us become far more cohesive and focused than ever before. We learnt valuable lessons about rhythm, openness and the power of collective intelligence, all of which have become part of our DNA” >> Harry Lyon-Smith – London, UK (CEO Illustration)

“Who would think that one man could single handily execute a strategy in a day and create results companies wouldn’t dream of creating in a month?!?!

I’ve witnessed JC facilitate numerous strategy sessions all over the world from Russia, Netherlands, Morocco to Germany in some of the most challenging environments. JC has worked with participants who can barely speak English, clients who change their minds at last minute rearranging an entire schedule and teams which are about to fall apart.

By the end of the day, JC skilfully orchestrates the session to a close achieving alignment, enthusiasm and excitement never seen by the leaders within the organization with actionable tasks and concrete milestones. JC’s sessions are fun, engaging and extremely rewarding. I’d highly recommend him to any organization or team!” >> Maria Sipka – Sydney, Australia and Barcelona, Spain (Chief Executive Officer and co-founder at Linqia)

“I have participated in many meetings where many things were discussed, but what I enjoyed about JC’s facilitation was his ability to bring the discussions to a concrete conclusion and address respective action steps moving forward.

His facilitation exercises also kept me fully engaged and I felt that my contribution and voice was important and heard. Lastly the values exercise makes my strategic decision making process much easier and I was inspired by his ability to push me to dreaming again.” >> Vaclav Nemecek (GTS on-line coordinator – Prague, Czech Republic)

“JC is one of those few people I know that blends perfectly well the intelligence with pragmatism and values. He knows the ropes of building trust and taking any company to the next level.” (Sergi Mora, Coordination of 7 Business Angels Networks, ACC1Ó)

“I had the pleasure of running some workshops with JC and he is one of the nicest, professional, insightful and enthusiastic people I have ever met. We work in the same industries so have been able to learn from each other well. A great man.” (Jonathan MacDonald, CEO & Founder, Every Single One Of Us)

“JC’s passionate approach combined with his high energy and longstanding experience provided a high impact result clearly answering all the kpis we had fixed for JC before.” (Reto Keller, COO at MCI)

“JC has really thought through how to condense the strategy process into something that doesn’t chew up people in getting to the final result. He’s sensitive to the personalities and politics inside companies and organizations as that definitely impacts how things get done.

Additionally, he has a great sense of humor, a broad range of other business and personal experiences that inform his work. I keep looking for opportunities to work with JC and hope that happens soon.” (Buddy Teaster, Chief Networks Officer at Young Presidents Organization)

As Practical Entrepreneurial Workshop Facilitator at IESE

“JC is one of the passionate guys around. He is a master at helping entrepreneurs and businesses capture a vision for their company and set them in the direction of achieving their goals.

I first met JC during the Entrepreneurial Workshops he gave while I was studying at IESE. Later we met numerous times in a one on one setting, where JC coached me through my career direction and business ideas. Not only did he answer all of my questions but he also connected me to people who could be valuable resources from within his network.

Working with JC you will feel the love he has for entrepreneurship and how much he wants to help those around him.” – Neal Perlmutter (Founder at Ignite Career Training)

“I met JC when he delivered a very interactive two-session workshop at IESE to members of the Entrepreneurs Club. Unlike other workshops I have attended at the school, this one was extremely useful and enjoyable and received very good reviews from all my peers.

JC proved his innate skills as a trainer while sharing with us very valuable advice about the different stages in the entrepreneurial venture cycle and how to avoid the most common mistakes. On top of that, JC is one of those altruist-by-nature individuals always willing to help and share his know-how with other people.

He kindly provided a set of mentoring sessions to those students willing to start a new business as was my case.” – Ramon Guiu

“JC is fantastic at making people think and question the way they did or wanted to do things. During the sessions he gave for the MBA students of the Entrepreneur Club at IESE he provided us with real advice and guidance for the day by the day operations and the strategic planing we would embrace as Entrepreneurs.

Since then, I have reached out a few time to JC when I needed the advice of an experienced and direct to the point Entrepreneur and Coach. Thank you JC!” – Sandra Patricia Schoenes

“JC facilitated the Idea Phase of the first annual Social Entrepreneurship Workshop, which was part of the 2010 Doing Good & Doing Well Conference held at IESE Business School. This phase of the workshop was for entrepreneurs who had ideas they were developing, which required a skilled facilitator to help individuals further develop their ideas while carefully pointing out areas of improvement.

JC got excellent feedback from the entrepreneurs. In a survey question about the moderator of their phase, respondents said JC was, “Great!”, had “Good structure and flow”, and was “Really great and very motivational”, among other similar comments. In person I also received very positive feedback from the participants about the workshop and about JC. JC was always professional and very enthusiastic.

In addition to his work on the day of the workshop, he also provided valuable strategic help to me as I designed the workshop.” – Ashley Metz Cummings

“JC gives me some insights on how to start the Social Media strategy plan. Additionally, he gives me some tips and recommendations guiding me on the process. I’m grateful for being my inspiration Social Media Strategy Guy.” – Silvia Rodriguez Donaire (Social Media Consulting, L’Eix Comercial Estació Cerdanyola Centre)

As Member & Volunteer Leadership at Entrepreneurs’ Organization

“JC is a trainer by passion. He is not one of those cheesy sales-type trainers, he trains you with deep commitment. You feel it is coming from his heart. His passion and his honesty combined with his great experience and his professional skills make a workshop with him a professional success and a rewarding personal experience.

I have truly profited from his workshops, where he even managed to align 10 A-type entrepreneurs used to being the single leader all wanting to go into different directions. He made us agree on one clear strategy and next steps within the short time of a 2 hour workshop session.”

“I experienced numerous daily sessions lead by JC. He did an extraordinary job coordinating the difficult personality types of entrepreneurs to develop common goals and action steps to bring the volunteer organization ahead.

JC is as highly skilled in driving groups to common goals and results as he is a humble and great person. I admire his balanced personality and the warmth and passion he radiates. He is a gift for every organization that needs to overcome challenges, to focus and to achieve results without wasting time.” – Oliver Beste, Berlin, Germany (Chapter President Germany, Entrepreneurs’ Organization and Managing Director myToys.de & Founders Link)

“JC and I worked together in the Strategy Summit Program within EO. JC is unique in his ability to work with entrepreneurs. He is able to align, inspire and create action in a very short amount of time. JC’s real world experience creates credibility and allows for deeper connections.” –  Michael Caito; Los Angeles, California (Chairman at Entrepreneurs Organization & CEO at Restaurants on the Run)

“I had the pleasure of working with JC on two conferences he chaired for the Entrepreneurs’ Organization. JC was absolutely selfless with his time and always went above and beyond to employ his connections and skills in ensuring every member got the utmost value from their attendance and felt personally welcomed. I only wish we could have worked on more events together!” – Beth Marchessault (Vice President, Events at Entrepreneurs’ Organization )

“I experienced JC’s professional expertise while he was an Area Director of EO Europe & Africa and the interim COO of Linqia. He is a great strategy coach & one of the best work-shop facilitators that I have ever experienced. He also is an expert in the Rockefeller Habits.

Through his senior management know how in large MNCs, JC adds value for any company that needs to implement corporate processes and structures.” – Chistopher Pommerening; Barcelon, Spain (Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Active Venture Partners)

I’ve worked with JC Duarte in several different strategy sessions. He is sharp, authentic and passionate. I have been impressed not only by his ability to keep teams focused, on track and productive but also by his depth of distinctions and his uncanny ability to see through and cut to the core of any obstacles and or possibilities that present themselves in the group dynamic.

His “strategy in a day” technology turbo charges teams to be aligned in their vision, committed to each other and their common goals and most importantly at stake and ready to take action. As a Public Speaker, Entrepreneur and Life Coach I appreciate JC’s skills and talents on multiple levels. I highly recommend him as a facilitator and I personally plan to use his unique services in the future. – Steven Caron; St. Petersburg, Russia (Entrepreneur)

“JC performance at our Entrepreneurs’ Organization Strategy Meeting in Lisbon was outstanding. Although I was afraid of “spending” one entire day on it (and time means money), this day spent with JC was worth every second!” – Luis Domingues; Porto, Portugal (CEO and Owner at Prodigentia)

“JC (João) led a full day of our Entrepreneurs’ Organization Presidents Meeting in Berlin. He was great at it. You have to know that we are all founders of companies all around Europe, so with different cultures, personalities and habits…

During this day we achieved to set our annual strategy. So if you consider hiring JC (João) for any consulting or strategic meeting, don’t hesitate!!!” – Arnaud Grobet; Geneva, Switzerland (Entrepreneur- The Label Group)

“JC worked on several projects as a volunteer member leader of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization. He was an effective facilitator and moderator of meetings of his peers in several learning programs. Additionally, he served as the Co-Chair of the Global Leadership Conference (GLC), an annual meeting of the membership, held in Dubai the year he co-chaired it.

He was rated well by his colleagues – a demanding audience of global entrepreneurs – and contributed to its overall success. JC is a solid professional who does a good job of engaging others to learn and grow.” – Bob Strade;  (Managing Director, Entrepreneurs’ Organization)

As Founder & CEO at XRoads Interim Executive Management

“Once JC & his team took over our operations, the customer complaints stopped, costs started coming down, revenues and quality started reaching all times highs, and within 6 months we reached profitability!

JC and his unique common sense approach, aligned individuals from different departments toward a common corporate goal! JC brought to our organization insights and skills we didn’t have before using his services.” – Antonio Ventura; Lisbon, Portugal (Hewlett Packard Iberian Business Manager)

As Director of Enterprise Services (CTO/COO) at Sun Microsystems

“While as Sun’s Portugal Country Manager, I hired JC to launch & professionalize Enterprise Services in Portugal. During his tenure, JC increased Sales, Customer Satisfaction and helped the country unit achieve it’s global revenue targets through his collaborative engagement with the Sales Team & Professional Services.

JC, besides his entrepreneurship skills, is a passionate leader who prides himself on Customer Satisfaction and has a keen eye for also ensuring company revenue & profitability goals. JC was especially helpful in fostering a healthy partner model while ensuring the success of Sun branded services & sales.

Foremost, I very much enjoyed working with him.” – Josmar Ribeiro, (Executive, Sun Microsystems)

As Director of Customer Services (COO) at Reuters Portugal

“JC is an inspiring team leader who has the unique capability of bringing people together to achieve individual and global goals of an organization. He empowers his teams and when he is on the job “things get done”. No foreigner to adversity, he has stood up to the challenges presented and surpassed these in achieving very aggressive objectives.

As part of the management team, I could always count on JC’s selfless contribution toward the greater good of the overall organization.” – Celestino Setien; London, England (Reuters Managing Director Italy & Iberia)

“JC is a visionary who thinks “outside of the box” and then follows through his strategic vision with effective team engagement. JC easily comprehends the global requirements of an organization, to then effect change in his area of responsibility which is conducive to the overall goals and objectives of the company.

JC is a motivational team builder with a phenomenal understanding of interpersonal dynamics. The passion with which he executes allows him to surpass the challenges encountered, whilst maintaining unity & alignment amongst his team.” – John Alcantara; London, England (Reuters Global Head of Service Operations)

As a Coach / Mentor

“Only recently having met JC, I warmed to his very passionate nature immediately. His words and experience are comforting and his insight is balanced. JC has helped me only through the initial steps of the Dream Coach® process so far, but already I have noted improvements in my life and my outlook.

His techniques help me stay focused and on-track, and he inspires me to most value my own personal integrity.” – Stefanie Wagner; Hamburg, Germany (Hired JC as Dream Coach®)

“JC is really the embodiment of a great coach. If there’s one man who can easily empathize and guide you through your many professional and life concerns, that would be JC. I love the fact that I am able to talk to him and seek his advice on practically everything even if the topic is awkward.

JC never makes me feel that I should apologize for my thoughts no matter how weird my thoughts get at times. He always makes time to listen to you and helps you focus so that your thoughts are not all over the place. Most of all, JC has a high respect for women.

He places premium importance on going beyond obligatory politeness and advocates exceeding customer expectations to make every business transaction a truly enriching experience.” – Sunny Cervantes (Marketing Consultant; Philippines)