Guaranteeing Your Change Management Success

You’ve been planing the necessary changes for months, hired the best consultants money can buy to give you the right strategy and 30 days later it’s all falling apart!

Sound all too familiar? What really happened? Where did it all go so terribly wrong?

More than likely you missed one, or more, of the following 3 critical factors for staff motivation & buy-in!

  • Autonomy
  • Mastery
  • Purpose

I was still working on the outcome of last Thursday’s mini-Strategic Summit in Barcelona when a friend of mine sent me the following video clip this weekend. In just a little more than 10 minutes “you’ll get” what often goes wrong!  Why so many organizations seem to have such a challenge with staff buy-in & motivation to needed change management processes. Why +50% staff turn-over is really unavoidable!

People!! We’re just missing the basics.. the fundamentals.. at the heart of it all, what drove us to succeed drives our people to do the same!

I hope that after this clip you’ll be able to spot what micro-changes you’ll need to make to your next change management process in order to make it a guaranteed success!

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